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For sale is a Front/Rear Rotora Big brake kit off my IS...I know this won't directly bolt onto a accord BUT you can get a bracket made to fit onto it...or maybe you can order one from Rotora and then bolt them onto your car...i dont know exactly how this is done BUT ITS POSSIBLE...i'm selling the brakes for cheap so either way it won't cost you much to have this bbk setup on your car. I dont really have the time to call up and ask...but if your interested then feel free to call these numbers for more info to fit them onto your car...

Albert @ TWS - (909) 468-1311 - you can ask him how much to make a bracket to fit onto your accord.

or you can Call Rotora direct and ask if its possible to order a caliper bracket for the accord and change it.


Front 6 Piston Caliper / 2-Piece 355x32 Rotor
Rear 4 Piston Caliper / 2-Piece 355x32 Rotor

Used for about 10k Miles...still in GREAT Conditon.


Take them for only 2800
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