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RSX rims on 05 LX coupe? ed: YES

Hey everyone,
I just bought a set of RSX rims since it seemed all specs were very close to stock. While I'm waiting for delivery, I found this thread
.. which basically says that they will rub on the calipers of a 6th gen accord V6.
My question is, does anyone know if they'll fit my particular car (05 LX coupe)? Has anyone seen them mounted on a non V6 7th gen? I'm guessing there might be a difference in the brakes between v6 and non-v6.
I'll start lookin at some spacers just in case...
Thanks for any help/opinions..

ED: 08-01-05
Well, they work without any problems. Lucky me. They do come VERY close to the calipers, though, so if V6's calipers are any bigger than 4cyls they probably wont fit.
Of course, they dont look as good as TL wheels (RSX are 16") but hey, I paid $60 for 4 rims. Here's a pic to clear any doubts later on.

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I believe they are +45. I am running 17" Enkei RS7s with an offset of +42 on my 7th gen coupe and I have had no problems at all. Bolt patterns are the same on the RSX-S and the Accord as well. I think you will be fine.
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