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ocation - Miami, FL
Price - $90 Shipped

Headlight functions, but was damaged in a car accident. The lens is in good shape and the headlight fires up, but the black plastic portion on the back of the headlight was cracked and some of the tabs broke off. Luckily, I did recover all but one of the tabs and they will be included with the sale, so with some plastic epoxy and patience, this headlight could be restored rather easily.

EDIT - Keeping the bulb and ballast. Price Updated.

I can provide more pics of need be. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!

EDIT - the gray shroud around the projector got knocked loose. Should be an easy fix (open up the headlight and re-seat it). Figured I'd put it on here too since I know plenty of you can use the projector for a retrofit.
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