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Selling my Ride - 1995 EXR V6 - Manual 5 Speed Conversion - Custom Work

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Hi guys,

Need to sell off my ride :(
Need something bigger

Most members know what I've done to it.
If not here's the list

Owned the car since 2001

1995 Accord V6
Dyno'd at 173 WHP
240,000 kms on body
Engine was swapped last year, got an engine and was checked out fully
Mileage on this engine since swap, 10,000kms

Engine pulls like brand new
Always drives perfect and surprises a lot of people.

Check Engine is On.
ECU is looking for Automatic Tranny, which is no longer on the car
Swapping to Manual cut vehicle weight by 200pounds
ABS is not active ( you can activate it )
A/C is removed - another 80 lbs saved

5 Speed Transmission Custom Swap
TCU removed
Transmission used is an 89 Acura Legend
Rod Shift :)
Custom Engine and Tranny Mounts
Custom Axles

Engine Mods
Short Ram Intake
IX Plugs
10mm Wiring
Custom Headers
Custom Downpipe
Full 2.5" Exhaust Line
Cherry Bomb 2.5" Resonator
4" Exhaust Canister with Silencer
EGR Cancelled
Throttle Body Ported
Intake System has Secondary Butterfly that opens at 4000RPM
IAB system was ported out
I'm forgetting a few things that I will update later

4 Door
Custom Color - Bourdeaux Red
Dupont Chromabase with added metalic and pearl and clear
Painted Full, front to back 2008-2009
No rust on the car, just undercarriage has a couple spots size of dimes
Car has been rust proofed several times

Interior Appearance:
Acura Integra Front Seats (Custom Mounts)
Custom Short Shifter

Tein Low Down Wagon Spec
Japanese Coilovers for Wagon - Perfect for car's weight :)
SPC Balljoints
Front 3 Point Sway Bar
Rear Strut bar

4 Cross Drilled Brakes
PBR Pads
Brake Lines have been redone

Wheels / Tires
Stock 15" Rims Painted Black
Winter Tires mounted on them Dunlop Studless
16" BSA 214
Rubber is scrap, you'll need new tires (had two blow outs)

When I bought her

what she looked like dropped 3" on coilovers back in 2003-2005

Where Honda Should have put the Auto Tranny

Drop pic of the front lip

Snow was never a problem

Custom Headers

Original Exhaust Versus 2.5"

Dyno day

Dyno Results

Pic of Bodywork

Pic 2 of Bodywork

What she looks like now

Changed the headlights for Stock Ones

I will post up pics later on this week polished

Car drives amazing and looks mint
I hate to sell her off as it's a joy to drive, but priorites change

Asking price 5800$
Reason for Price : New paint, Unique car a real one of a kind for a change
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Dude thats unreal man I cant believe your selling it. Kinda sucks.. I would take it off your hands though in a heartbeat if I could.. id kill for that 5spd swap haha.. Been a pleasure though man. What are you moving up to?
i am not selling her anymore
i will just need to teach my daughter manual :)
she's 1 month old :)
i am not selling her anymore
i will just need to teach my daughter manual :)
she's 1 month old :)
Congrats on the new edition to your fam! Glad you worked things out to be able to keep it.. I still want it though :D
thanks man, she's just amazing.
I spend all my time with her.
the cars are really like third or forth on the to do list ...
crazy how it changes things.
No more 240/250 km/h runs :(
early spring bump
She is selling
last dyno was 193whp
nooooooo! not again! How you doin man, everything ok?
nooooooo! not again! How you doin man, everything ok?
Hey how are u?
I'm ok the family is great

I've just come to realize that this project should go to someone who can give it more time. Her name is 'beast' and she needs more attention. Not fair to her to sit and do nothing for months ...

Cut down time on all my projects.
Bonjour cowgod! LONG time no talk to. Stumbled back here to check on the old timers and saw this thread. The beast is on the block, eh? I can't see you having any trouble selling her, especially up there where smog laws aren't an issue. Best of luck with the sale and good luck finding your new pride and joy.
hmm nice work.. your work is really appreciative. Thanks for sharing
damn, that was 10 years ago ...
holy **** !!
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