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Hey you guys, I'm giving my car to my little cousin so I'm going to fix it back to stock. These parts will fit 98-02 accord coupe v6.

I have a few parts I'm trying to get rid of.

1. Tokico blue shocks. Bought them on the net about a year ago. Shocks are still in good condition. Have to part them out still. Not sure how much I can sell these for so asking $250 or best offer ( set of 4).

2. Also got some spc rear cambers. Will sell for $100. ( set of 2 )

3. Goldline springs. Roughly 1.5 drop. Will trade these for stock springs plus 50 bucks. Stock springs are needed!

Again, these prices are not fixed. If anyone would like to negotiate please feel free to do so because I need to sell asap. Will take almost any offer as long as they aren't lowballing. Thanks.
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