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It includes the following:

Comptech Supercharger kit (12k miles on it)
BOTH Comptech HBP (5lb pulley) & Comptech stock boost (3lb pulley)
Custom SC Pulley (9 LB boost pulley)
Hope Systems Upper Intake Manifold with Integrated Intercooler Core (5K miles on it)
Supercharger Discharge Pipe and Coupling
POLISHED stainless Coolant Reservoir TANK
High Efficiency Heat Exchangers
Coolant Pump
Hose and Clamps
1 used and 1 brand new Goodyear Gatorback Belts for the Supercharger
GReddy E-Manage Main Unit, Support Tool, Ignition Harness, Injector Harness, PnP Harness
Dual A-Pillar Mount (Gray) fits CL & TL
Autometer Boost Gauge
Comptech IceBox (w stock Foam AND a additional used 8,000 miles K&N filter)
3 brand new XL Acurazine T-shirts

I was looking to get $6000 for this complete set up. That is about $3000 for the SC kit and $3000 for the POLISHED intercooler system and Polished Res Tank. Alot of work went into both. You will not find another custom made intercooler like this I would prefer to sell it as a complete system and not part it out... I will accept RESONABLE offers... I will not Install.. but I will be more than happy to help you with any questions you have.

I will ONLY ship within the United States...payment arrangments can be discussed.

The Kit is off an 2003 Acura CL-S 6 Speed w/ 19K miles on it... that I recently traded in for a new truck..... The CL-S was just too small for me.. it will be missed.

You can view the rest of my pictures CLICK HERE

I am well known over on and you can view my feedback rating on Acurazine by CLICKING HERE So rest assured I am legit... I think I have the highest feedback rating for selling my used parts on that forum...

You can PM or e-mail me at [email protected](dot)com if you have questions... I will try and check in periodically to the forum..

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DPs Finest said:
can you put a intercooler on a n/a av6 or is tat stupid?
Theoretically its not the best idea especially if its an air to air intercooler :p it won't do much.

It will add more restriction to the intake system as well.

If its a water to air intercooler as is this one, then you could see some minuscule gains but not really, you could see something when your idling at a stop and air temp can go as high as 13X degrees. If you had a fan to pull air through the intercooler then you would see some cooler air but during highway runs air temp is usually at ~90 degrees can go up to 100 depends thats how it was with me here in So Cal.

Now if you put dry ice or something else cold that would last a little bit in the heat exchangers then you could see a dramatic air temp difference.

But basically its not worth it on a NA car because your using outside air thats pretty much the same as the intake air (although cooler) and there isn't enough of a temp difference to do much.

With forced inductionc cars the air being compressed heats up enough that ambient air temp can cool it down a lot.

usually good intercooler systems seek to bring the compressed air temp back down to ambient air temp but usually come within what 15 degrees?

It all depends and its not worth doing it on an NA car unless your going to run something inpractical and exotic.

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thanks for answering that for me...

BUMP... I am not around all the time, so feel free to e-mail me if need be.

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