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Hey guys, I've got a JL 12W6v2 for sale. Included with it, is a custom built enclosure to JL spec. The dimensions of the box are as follows: 31" (width) x 16" (height) x 10.5" (depth). I DO know that it fits the CL's trunk PERFECTLY in terms of width and height. The enclosure was ALSO built so that if I (or the buyer in this case) planned on adding another sub, it would still remain in spec, and look perfect as well. I had the enclosure built for me at Al & Ed's in Northridge for $200. If you've been to this specific Al & Ed's, you'd see what kind of rides they hook up. Everyday you'll see a celebrities ride in there getting hooked up.

If you've heard this sub before, you'd know that you'll be receiving one of the best subs on the market. It provides plenty of heart-pounding bass, while remaining a top SQ performer. You will NOT be disappointed with this set-up. My asking price is $375 SHIPPED, OBO. Here are a couple pictures:

I also have it listed on eBay:

I am open for ANY reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!

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