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Mark G.
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congrats bro, that is a sick buy.
thanks man

Stfu...uggghhh you lucky man mark...what happened no SUV huh, obviously
haha thx Matt and about that suv it's still in the works and prob the end of next year.

Man that's one sick sedan... Congrats Mark
thanks Alex

congrats on the new ride mark.

shall i drive to vegas and pick up modulo sides and rears? yeeeee.....:up:
thanks jowell, and yeah about the modulo sides and rear... I sold it with the car and also the mugens since I didn't have any stock parts to replace it

ohhhh very nice...already has a nice exhaust I see lol
Loving it! Those tips are da bomb! Not stock I presume lol?
thanks you two btw the exhaust is not stock hehe.. it's an invidia q300 Ti CBE
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