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hey whats going on everyone, long time no talk. I still have a few things from my accord that I dont have anymore :( I would like to get rid of it but Im not dieing for money or anything I just wanna move some stuff before I start ripping my new car apart..or should i say truck lol. alright well here is the list.

AEM Eugo Air/Fuel ratio gauge. I paid like 400 something for it. i would like to get $300.00 for it

Helix throttle body spacer old version. $50.00

Cls sways $50.00

stock springs $30.00

Stock manifold. $ 50.00

Comptech muffler $ 50.00

prelude Rims with tires $100.00 or best offer pick up only

stock headlights i got to see how they look and what not $ 50.00
ill throw in that black plastic piece for it too..on the driver side

the prices dont include shipping ..ill take best offer on this stuff too..just let me know thanks guys,


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how loud would 2 helix spacers be back to back?! =]
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