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Buyer covers shipping expenses- will be insured for no additional cost.Price: 925 or 975 with warranty!

Well, I hate to part with my laptop but because of expenses I have to. Up for sale is a Sony VAIO FS660 laptop. I purchased it on August of 2005 from Best Buy and also bought the extended warranty for a few hundred extra.

The laptop is in PRISTINE condition so I'm not going to bother with pictures.
I have the original receipt from Best Buy which shows that I paid over $2,000 for the laptop including the warranty. The laptop will come with the original power charger, and TWO batteries that each give well over 3+ hours of battery life.

No viruses, spyware, problems etc. I have the latest and best edition of McAfee installed for a one year plan that I just recently got no more than a week ago and the extended warranty is good up until August of 2008 so you have about a year!

I used the laptop for homework and watching moves because of the 15.4" screen. I love it and I hate to part with it but circumstances force me to.

My price is firm. You can see it here on Amazon going new for over $2000 and used for starting at $1,699.99 without warranty. At least with me you have someone local, reliable, and who has a warranty.

Also, has McAfee as mentioned plus Microsoft Office and Mozilla Firefox internet browser installed for you.

Contact me if youre interested. Thanks!
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