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Ladies and Gents,

2010 Accord V6

I've got a leak where the part that connects to the steering column sticks up out of the rack. I've asked a few places and it seems to be consensus that it needs to be replaced. There is a place locally (DFW) that will repair them for ~ $200. It's definitely some logistical hassle though as I've only got one car and I'd need to get the part removed at a shop then take it to the rack repair place, wait a few hours (or a few days depending on which place) and then get back to the mechanic's to reinstall it.

Other option would be just buying a new rack and getting it installed.
Rack Doctor - $380-100 core fee (but would probably cost $30-40 to ship, sooo..) = ~ $320 + install.
Honda brand = $500-800 + install?
XL parts = ???
Your suggested part source ????

Advice ?? Thoughts ?? I'm trying to not spend an arm and leg on it because I'm just going to turn around and sell it and either move on to a 2006 or 2015 or 2017 (4 cylinder in any case). I've got a mechanic who's very reasonable price wise.

Also need to replace (I think?) the rear seat release (in the trunk). Anyone happen to know how hard that is to put in? I already got the part for that.
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