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wassup fellaz,
heres what i have
a 7 month old 12" JLw3v2 with the box which is already hooked up and screwed in. then i have a 1 year old SONY Xplod 2channel 760 watt amp. and also a brand new amp kit. the jl sub has one problem, the lip has some chips in it and stuff, but no worries it doesn't affect the sub performance, only appearance, however i have a brand new chrome grill for it, that i can throw in, if you want it to look better. also the sony xplod amp, i never had problems with it, its a very nice amp and only thing wrong is it, has some scratches at the top and where the wiring is connected. other than that nothing else. brand new amp kit, never opened.
so yea if your interested let me know, i wanna sell it for around 425.
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