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2007 Accord V6 6 Speed Sedan Alabaster Silver/black leather
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Alright listen. I know it's all over the place but I've been read for 4+ hours a day for the past 3 days now. I'm looking to swap SOMETHING into my 07 6-6 sedan.

The issue I'm having is that everywhere I look seems to be experimental postings, and I can't get a straight forward answer on what's good for what. I want to know what route I should be taking if I'm looking to keep my car reliable, NYSI compatible but still quick. Also NA, I'm not looking to drop 13k for 500whp on this car. I'm seeing j32 with j37 heads here, but with loss on low end, j32 with j35 heads here but PnP, etc. I'm lost.

I'm planning on a J32 swap but I want to tackle everything before I drop it in. I'm also debating TL LSD trans swap or just finding the LSD to slap in when I get my 3rd-4th synchros done. So with this in mind, what should I expect to be on the look out for when I put this J32 on a stand and start taking things off. Built heads? J35? J37? What IM? What TB? Dual TB?

Literally any build input helps. I'm confused where to go from here but I want to get the most out of this thing without having to go the forced induction route.... thank you!
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