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So I finally get to fix my fuel issues. I ditched the Comptech FMU and replaced it with a Vortech SFMU.

There are still issues and they will be dealt with soon enough.

1) I went to the track the night I tuned and managed to squueze one run.
I ran 13.91 with ~ 2.4xx 60'. :p I went sideways before going forward and hit the rev limit in every gear. Still trapped ~ 106 mph. ** note to self - never go on Friday night to the track again**.
So....Need to deal with shift points and learn to launch all over again.

2) the peak HP doest change from one boost level to the next. AND... it matches serge's HP plot including the hump @ 6500. This needs attention.

3) I will plan on being on the dyno again this week and see what she does with the intake manifold butterfly valve shut.

Here is it before and after tuning fuel

Regardless of all these issues, she drives really nice :cool:

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Nice #s. You running Dr. Evil tranny? The tranny hitting the rev limiter in every gear? I think if we could get the rev limiter moved up to 7k, it may take care of the rev limiter problem. It hitting at 6500rpm SUCKS!!! I could definately pick up some time if I could hit 6500rpm without hitting the rev limiter. Im not sure what my next move will be, but been thinking of things to do. I would like to have a 12 second Accord someday, but for now Ill work on hitting a 13.7xx.
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