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Bought this off a local forum member and decided to sell it cause the deepness of the exhaust drowns out the bass in my car. THis exhaust sounds excellent and gives a very nice deep tone. IT drones a little bit, but it's not that much to complain about. One of the best sounding exhausts for the V6 IMO.

This exhaust was originally for a AV6 Coupe, but I extended the piping about 2.75" to make it fit my TL and IT WILL FIT V6 SEDANS TOO! It will fit THe 2G CL and AV6 coupe again IF if you cut the pipe and reweld it back down to original length. Shouldn't cost more than 30 bucks.

The exhaust does have scrapes on the bottom, but not noticeable when installed. Also, it has a small dent on the b-pipe but it does not hinder performance in anyway.

Comes with ALL gaskets and bolts for install.


Where I extedned the piping..


here's a quick video clip I made a while back too..

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