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So its the holidays and that means one thing. I'm ****in broke. here's what I've got up for sale please no lowballers as I need the money for christmas and court fines.

Tein s-techs and Tokico HP's (blues)
Off 98 4cyl sedan

Springs have about 20k miles (bought used from a member on named rexx with 6k miles on them.)
and the shocks have about 13k miles on them cause I bought them new last spring.

First off I LOVE this set up! The difference over stock is amazing and I love driving my car so much with it installed. (well I did till I lost my license) If your looking for a nice drop that isn't going to be too low then this is a great setup. The only reason I'm selling these is cause I wanna go lower.
Here's some pix of them on my car (they're pretty dirty but other then that they're in great condition)

And a picture of the drop they'll give you.

$350 obo.

APC racing seats.
do not have brackets so these will fit any car.

These are decently comfortable as long as you don't have a really wide *** since they're curved up on either side to help hold you in your seat better. My only complaint about them was that since they don't make a seat bracket that fits them and an accord you would have to have custom brackets made to install them. Other then that the only bad thing was they made my back hurt on long trips (1-2+ hour trips)

Things physically wrong with them- one is missing the lever that you have to pull to move the seat forwards or backwards. (I just put this one as my driver's and adjusted it to a comfortable driving setting) and its missing the adjustment knob on one side.(the knob adjusts the reclining setting of the seat and can still be adjusted perfectly well from the other side. The other has two rips in the fabric.

Rip on the side. It's not visible if you put that side facing the center console though.

small tare on the inside right above where your left hip would be if you were sitting in it.

$200 Firm Pick-up Only!

Weapon R seat brackets
These will only fit a 6th gen coupe
When used in the sedans one bolt doesn't quite match up. I tried using them with only three bolts but it felt really unsafe so I took them out. Weapon R confirmed that they are made for the coupe and do not fit the sedan (too bad I didn't figure that out before I bought them and tried to install them)

$100 Firm

Egay N1 style muffler

2.5" inlet 4.5" outlet :thumbsup: had a good tone hooked up to the 2.5" catback but it was just too loud for my taste. has some scrapes on the under side cause I'm lowered. Couple tiny rust spots (would come off with some steel wool). to small holes from where we cut/broke the hanger off for my new muffler. They don't appear to go all the way through though.

$30 obo.

Takata Replica 4 point harness.

Barely used but when I did have them in my car with the racing seats they definitely kept me from moving around in my seat when I was speeding through corners :D. One is missing the little plate that covers the the bolts holding the buckle together.

They have a spot in the bottom to buckle another strap in making it a five point harness.

Plate missing

$50 Firm

All Items can be shipped at buyers expense. (except seats)

03 Accord 6/6, 09 Audi A4
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How much would u like 4 the shocks alone?is that a possibility or are u wanting 2 sell as a combo?

03 Accord 6/6, 09 Audi A4
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THen He needs 2 revise this !
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