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1: used Apexi SAFCII black version
2: NEW Greddy Metal Headgasket 1.2mm
3: NEW ARP headbolts
4: NEW Greddy Rocker Arm Stopper
5: NEW Pioneer AVIC-N1 navagation headunit
6: used phoenix gold eq230 30 band equalizer with 2 line driver
7: used Compaq PDA
8: New Frount mount intercooler
9: maybe my sr20det long and short block (stock)
10: used s14 radiator

DESCRIPTION: most of the stuff are new... couple of the items are not definitly for sure gonna be forsale yet (headgasket, headbolts, RAS), but after i decided end of this week, everything will be on ebay... btw, all the parts are for SR20DET s13 or s14

1: $200
2: $170
3: $110
4: $60
5: $1300
6: $150
7: $120
8: $300
9: give me an offer
10: give me an offer

SHIPPING: prefer pick up, but i would ship if u pay for it
PICTURES:i dont have all the pictures yet, will get it soon

CONTACT INFORMATION: email or phone or aim: yruf1217
LOCATION: central jersey
EMAIL: [email protected]
TELEPHONE: 732-668-7799
PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash, paypal with 3%
SALE TYPE: final

PS: might be selling omp style steering wheels too

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how much u want for the SR20 and whats difference between red top and black top.
Offtopic: I just had (this is on stock KA engine) my upper radiator hose blow due to bad thermostat. So I replaced both upper and lower hoses, new thermostat and gasket and flushed/filled radiator which took less than an hour. So first thing I did was check for leaks and there was a very small leak by thermostat housing so I tightened up the bolts, well the bottom one I tightened too much and it snapped. Now I cant get the freakin 1/2 bolt out. I tried doing that easy off drill bit which didnt work along with pliers and vice grips. I wanted to start kicking the car but I didnt. Hopefully I get it out tommorrow.

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blacktop is newer then the redtop, thats the only different... right now the highest offer i have is $700+shipping, let me know if u are interested

btw, next time get the FSM... torque all the bolts to spec, so u dont break them....
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