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Hey guys!
This is my first time selling on V6P, so please be easy on me :)

i have a BRAND NEW set of TSW Vortex wheels for sale.
the specs are as follows.
1. size: 19x8
2. lug pattern: 5x112 ( i know it's not our lug pattern, but i wanted to give V6P heads up first. Never know who might need it.)
3. offset: +45
4. color: hyper-silver
5. price: $800 plus shipping and paypal fees. ( i paid over 1100 for these brand new about a year ago..)
6. location: north new jersey. zip code 07024

thanks for all the interests! good luck everyone!

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no joke, saw this on a car today and was thinking about buying em! Too bad it's not the right offset :p Goodluck with your sale!
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