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I know this is a 4cyl question, but even though I have a 4cyl myself, I find that the 7g performance section is much more active than the dedicated 4 banger one.

ANYWAY, I have done a fair amount of searching and have not determined definitive information. I want to make this the end all thread on this issue.

I have the opportunity to purchase a 08 TSX throttle body for 40 dollars from my friend. I know that this is the correlating generation to my 07 accord. I happen to already have the TSX intake manifold.

Is the throttle body itself larger bore than the accord? Most of my findings indicate that it is either 62 or 64 mm and the Accord is 60 mm. I suppose I could measure but I'd rather ask before I start disassembling.

Also, does it bolt up and will the Accords DBW control it properly?

I'd love to hear from someone who has done this exact mod.

Cliff notes:

1. Is the TSX TB bigger bore than the Accords?
2. Does it bolt up?
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