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Hey guys,

Haven't posted in the classified section in awhile since I haven't had anything to sell but seeing as though I have a couple things, might as well try it now since I'm back from deployment.

Everything's located in Va Beach; No shipping unless you pay for everything

I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

So I want to sell my exhaust. It's a Greddy Evo2 catback. It's used. I'd say maybe 30K? I'm not too sure but it's been awhile but I'll be getting a new exhaust made so I don't have use for this one. It's for the 4cyl. My car's really low so the mid pipe has a lot of scratches on it and where it connects; the joints, is pretty much non-existent on the bottom. The mid pipe hangs REALLY low for some weird reason so there's a lot of marks on it from shooting out sparks on the interstate. Also, will need new gaskets and probably new bolts/nuts just to be safe. It's currently on the car so i don't have pictures of it yet but once i get my exhaust made, i'll post pics.

Price: $250? No idea.

I have a ebay sedan mesh grill as well. Just basic mesh style. Painted black but has some rock chips and some marks. I believe the the 2 brackets on the back are cracked but it didn't affect it from staying in place.

Price: No idea, make an offer? lol

Base TL wheels. Had these for about 2 years now. Used them for one winter and they haven't seen the road since. Has some crub rashes and scratches (came with them when purchased) They're just sitting in the garage collecting dust. all 4 tires will have to be replaced. They all hold air.

Price: $200 OBO ?

I have a pair of my splitters that I made awhile back laying around as well. If anyone is interested, I can sell those too. It's the ARC style knockoffs, but it's traced out using the 03-05 hfp lip so it has the same curves as the lip. Just let me know if anyone is interested.

And again, i'll post pictures as soon as I can!
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