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Just seeing if there is any interest for a pair of Mercedes E55 Bi-Xenon projectors retrofitted into 6th gen (98-02) accord headlights. The retrofit was done by Rich so you know they're good quailty and the projectors are lined up evenly.

Here goes pictures
Cutoff with philips 851** bulbs.. I can't remember the part number

Here goes a picture looking at the car

A daytime pic with them off my car

And here goes a close up of the passenger side headlight. There is some paint chipping due to the heat, but nothing too noticable.

Same deal as above, but with the driver side

Also with this, I'll probably throw in a harness I made for my HID kit and even some eye browls that I never got a chance to put on my car.

If you have any questions, just let me know or PM me.

Also notice the black strip at the bottom. That no longer lights up, it's just a black strip instead.
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