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It's sad to do this.. but i will be parting out my car soon, so anything below is up for grabs when its taken off. All prices are OBO.

-H&R sports springs – $80
-Tokico blues shocks - $200
-Comptech 22mm swaybar - Pending
-18" Rota Royal Subzero (steel grey w/ polished lip) 60% thread yokohoma S-Drvies – trade for stock + $300

-Megan strut bar (BLUE) - $25 [[pending]]
-AEM Short ram intake dryflow (blue)- $80
-Unichip tuned for i/e/h/p/and cl-s cams - $300

-McCulloch 6000k hid kit - $100
-OEM coupe foglights - $180 [[pending]]
-OEM black housing headlights - trade for stock
-Carbon fiber eyebrows - SOLD

-Front Mugen Lip (satin silver) - $60
-m3 roof spoiler - SOLD
-CL-S muffler 2003 thick lips!- $120 [[pending]]
-Panasonic 7303u headunit +doubledin dash kit - $120
-Blue LED dash kit conversion - $40
-Razo shift knob - $30
-V6P limited edition door knobs - $15


forgot to add these stuff

-Window Visors - SOLD
-Depo rear clear sidemarkers $10


Located in SoCal in the local 626 area

I will TRY to stick to a DIB system, but again money talks, as i need it to pick up my next whip Local gets first dibs!


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Got a pic of the strut bar? I'm interested.

Also, where are you located?

Yeah i'll snap a picture tomorrow for you, located in SoCal 626

I am interested in the Tokico Shocks, how many miles were on them? Also, I may be interested in the strut bar as well. Could you Pm the pics to me, and also estimate the shipping of each item to 46835? Thanks!
I would say about 20-25k miles on the shocks, and ill snap a picture of the strut bar tomorow

im interested in the razo shift knob. does it come with a boot?
no shift boot, but the knob does has minor scrathes on it... ill get pictures tomorrow.

interested in m3 roof spoiler pics plz..
ill get them up tomorrow too

x2 on the roof spoiler... or do u mean trunk spoiler?
what doctorX said :D

V6P limited edition door knobs - $15

door knobs or locks?
locks! haha we should meet up @ CPP soon i wanna see your car

How much cash r u asking with trade for wheels?
And where r u located?
Shoot me an offer through PM. depending o your thread life too, but I prefer locals to make it easy I'm in SoCal 626

m3 roof spoilers FTW! =]

Would you ship the fogs?
Yes, i would be able to ship the fogs, when i uninstall them.
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