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well im ordering new camera for my dad since he asked and im getting his old one (K20). so im gona be selling my Pentax K200d camera

im looking on ebay how much it will be going for but probably will want about $450-500 for it with Kit 18-55 lens
im debating if im going to sell my 18-250mm lens and get 17-70mm sdm since long zoom is fun but i almost never use it
this lens would be about $300-350 (its discontinued so once they are gone, they are will be hard to find. here is link

camera was bought last October i think (or late september). but it has 3 year warranty from date of purchase on my name. so if somebody buys it on here, it should not be a problem to get warranty work done if it will need it. i checked and camera doesnt have any dust on sensor(there is incamera dust test). focusing screen has been changed to split screen which makes a lot easier to do manual focus with, i do have original focusing screen that i can put back in (takes 5 min).

let me know if somebody might be interested and we can work out a deal if you want 18-250 lens with kit one

will include camera bag with camera if somebody will want it
2 sets of rechargeable batteries (once that have long shelf life without recharging)
camera has original box it came with with all original accessories and stuff

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