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Hey guys I'm selling my OBX mufflers... They're OBX and the model type is HR-A, The A stands for Angle Cut because some come straight cut (HR-S)... Mufflers ARE UNIVERSAL! Nothing wrong with mufflers, Just needs a good polish down... I've cleaned them everytime I washed my car!
They have a nice tone to them if u have your resinator(s) on... Sounds just like a Greddy SP (which I've owned before)
They HR-A is not made anymore so good luck finding them on ebay... The inlets are available in 3" or 2.5" which ever u prefer. The Angle cuts used to go for about $25 bucks more than the Straight Cuts...
I'm Asking $120 for both... and Will do cheaper in trade for 06-07 V6 OEM mufflers (with tips)
The mufflers are still on my car so here's the best pics I have for now.
Serious buyers, PM for more pics if needed

Call or Text 917-731-1971 if interested!

NOTE: My Hybrid Tail-lights are 4/$ale too... (Smoke Vinyl is removable to ur liking)- $100 Not OEM

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