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Hi, I am cleaning out my bookshelf and found these books that I am no longer need them. If you are interested in buying them, please contact me at (626) 329 - 6560. Thanks.


Title: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 6th Edi.
Bruce R. Munson (Author), Donald F. Young (Author), Theodore H. Okiishi (Author), Wade W. Huebsch (Author)
ISBN # : 978-0470262849
Price: SOLD

Title: Theory of Machines and Mechanisms 4th Edi.
John Uicker (Author), Gordon Pennock (Author), Joseph Shigley (Author)
ISBN # 978-0195371239
Price: SOLD

Title: Modern Compressible Flow: With Historical Perspective 3rd Edi.
John Anderson (Author)
ISBN # 978-0072424430
Price: $93

Title: Orbital Mechanics with Online Testing: Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students, Second Edition (Aerospace Engineering)
Howard Curtis (Author)
ISBN # 978-0123747785
Price: SOLD

Title: System Dynamics
William Palm III (Author)
ISBN # 978-0073529271
Price: SOLD


Title: Spaceflight Dynamics (McGraw-Hill Series in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering)
William E. Wiesel (Author)
ISBN # 978-0070701106
Price: $38

Title: Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer
Theodore L. Bergman (Author), Adrienne S. Lavine (Author), Frank P. Incropera (Author), David P. DeWitt (Author)
ISBN # 978-0470501979
Price: SOLD

Title: Mechanical Vibration
William J. Palm III (Author)
ISBN # 978-0471345558
Price: $55
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