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You asked for it, so here it is again!

V6P.Net EASTER and NCAA BB Unichip sale!

It's back! In celebration of Dizzy's favorite team, the George Mason Patriots (I gotta cheer for the local team!), making the FINAL FOUR, is once again offering our Unichip Blowout sale!

Oh yeah...Easter is coming up too so that's another good reason :)

That's right. Purchase a UNICHIP and get $150 cash back. For our special members in the military, please PM Mrv6p for more details.

We're hoping to clear out our remaining stock of Unichips to make room for some new V6P goodies.

This deal ends SUNDAY APRIL 16 at midnight so don't wait too long!

The rebate form will be in the Unichip box when you receive it.

Thanks for your support!

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