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Description: The Unichip is a computer that electronically resides between your car’s ECU and engine, releasing 100 percent of an engine’s untapped power. Sold worldwide for more than a decade, the Unichip is a tested and proven engine performance product used on the street, racetrack, and in off-road applications.

A Unichip installation consists of a Unichip computer module, a Plug-n-Play (PnP) wiring harness, and a performance map dyno-tuned for a specific vehicle & its components. The Unichip is a solid-state computer measuring the size and weight of a MP3 player, using multiple high-speed processors to control engine tuning & performance. V6P.Net partnered with Unichip to test the Unichip with the 6th Generation Accord V6’s (1998-2003). You can find the results of our tests HERE

As you see from our comparison matrix and the dyno charts, the Unichip gives you the best bang for your buck in increasing both horsepower and torque of the Accord V6.

Keywords: ecu unichip re-map enhancer re-flash flash chip

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