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unlock v6 ex model

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I want to do some tuning to my v6 EX A/T and the mechanic said I should check hondata for a flash to unlock the cars electronics basically... there was only an M/T flashpro with was out of stock and I was just hoping on a distant whim of a wish that someone out there could possibly know how to unlock my automatic v6 2007 accord ex...
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For right now, there's only Hondata and you need a manual and an '04-06 6 speed TL ECU. Supposedly there is a new tuning platform that is coming out for the V6 automatic.
I walk towards my car and hit the unlock button on my fab, everything unlocks aside from the driver's door. Annoying because I'm usually the only person that needs to be in the car (according to my back seat driver of an SO, I could be out of the car and the car would be able to operate efficiently) to get from point A to B. So I manually unlock the car. I get in and drive, park and get out. I hit the lock button on the fab and every other door locks aside from the driver's door. I walk back to manually lock the one door and go about my business.
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