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Parts for 98-02 AV6 Coupe

Ingalls Full Control Arm Camber Kit: $160 Shipped>$150 Shipped

  • Adjusts from -2° to +1-3/4°
  • Ball Joints in great shape!
  • i cleaned them up very well and sprayed a fresh coat of black paint on them because they got a little scratched up during install and uninstall, they look like new now.

Unorthodox Racing Pulley Set (Polished,Stock Size): $200 ShippedSOLD!

  • Crank Pulley is NEW, never mounted
  • Power Steering Pulley is NEW, never mounted
  • Alternator Pulley is USED
  • I put the alternator pulley on back when my alternator died and was intending on installing the other 2 pulleys later when i rebuilt my tranny but decided i could use the money towards other mods i want to do instead.

OEM Grill and Emblem painted Nighthawk Black Pearl (B92P): $20 ShippedSOLD!

  • Paint Quality 9/10
  • Included black painted Honda logo
  • selling because it's just taking up space in the garage and i have a type-r grill on the car. will be polished and waxed before shipping out.


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im back :p
damn could have used those crank pulleys

why you selling the camber arms btw, did you upgrade to soemthing else ?
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