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I'm in the market for a pre owned V6 Coupe. Staying with the pre owned, to save some money. Need some advice from this group on the purchase.

A little about me...
My last car was a 2011 BMW 328i Convertible, V6 auto with paddle shifters. Got a great deal had more than I wanted, heated seats, automatic, etc. LOVED that car, dropping the top open-air driving. Though not manual the paddle shifters were fun, and rear wheel drive was awesome in the turns. I’m not a racer or track guy. I never got a ticket in that car but did get 3 tickets over 5 years in my wife’s Honda Pilot! I’m more of a spirited driver. I commute on Texas roads/highways 50ish miles a day. Sadly I had to sell the BMW about 6 months ago for financial reasons. Probably should have sold it sooner, but held on as long as I could.

With two teen drivers, (Insurance!), their college coming and other things to pay off I don’t think I’ll be in the BMW market for some time. On a positive note, things have turned around and I’m back in the market for a car, a Honda V6 9th gen coupe to be specific. I love the styling and performance seems to be on par if not better than the BMW I had, less the RWD.

I have seen a few pre owned V6 coupes for sale, they are a rare breed here in San Antonio. They range from 2013 – 2017. All the prices are close, except the used 2017. I can’t seem to get a definitive source to tell me the difference between years. Some say they 2016s have Carplay, a backup camera, side camera, and keyless. Then another site will say certain years did not have keyless. Also, manual is so had to find preowned, if not impossible in the 300-mile radius. If I go new, I’ll find maybe 3 manuals about 200+ miles away. (using auto trader app).

Here’s where I need some help from this group.
  • Is there a resource where I can compare the model years and options, they are all EX-L.
  • Will I really miss a lot between model years?
  • Might have to give up a manual for 6AT, and paddle shifters again. Is that a big deal in terms of MPG/Performance.
  • Any input on the cars/deals I’m considering?
My perfect Honda Coupe, in order of priority
2013 – Present (9th gen)
V6 (don’t think I’ll like the feel or sound of the i4 after the BMW)
Manual Transmission
Red Color
Rear view camera
Keyless entry/start
Decent infotainment, (iPhone connection, BT, etc I don’t care for or use Navi unless it comes with other entertainment features)

Here are some of the cars I’m considering. Any insight into the differences in features over the years or recommendations as to the best deal would be appreciated. I can't post links yet so here they are.

2013 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe, Modern Steel, 6MT!, 68k Miles - $16,500
My fave, for the 6MT, but seems over priced. This is a fixed price dealer so no discount. The other can probably be negotiated down a few $1000.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L, Modern Steel, W/Navi 6AT, 56k Miles - $15,989
Looks like a great deal compared to 2013, plus I may be able to get a lower price via negotiations . Don't care for the color and is AT and has Navi, that I don’t need or use. But that PRICE!

2015 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L, Alabaster Silver Metallic, 53k Miles - $19,012
Some color as my Pilot, but I like it better than the Modern Steel.

Let me know what you think and what your experience is with these cars.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Like the OP, I'm also in the market for a 9th V6 coupe. The upcoming 10ths look absolutely sick but I think at some point I may appreciate having gone for the last of the NA V6s. I came from a 9th gen Civic Si and then BMW 3-er, also like OP, and I too am having trouble finding a pre-owned 6-speed. I had to set my search radius to 300 miles! Those things are unobtanium here in SoCal. I'm trying to get up to LA this weekend to see a 2014 I found. I suppose I'd prefer a 2016 since I really like the refreshed front clip on the 2016-on version. For a CPO 2016, though, they seem to be going for $21-23k!! Anyway, good luck to OP with purchase, and I hope you don't have to travel too far to find a good one!

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Ditch Autotrader, the best search tool is Yes, the manual V6 coupes are hard to find - but well worth the effort. Many times you can get a deal over a used Auto Coupe, because less and less people want or even know how to drive the manual.
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