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Attn: All V6P Members & Friends,

What: V6P's 1st Yr Anniversary Nationwide Event

When: Saturday May 1st @ 11:00am - ???

Who: All registered old & new V6P members

Where: TBA

Why: This event is a special day to celebrate not only's first year Anniversary but also celebrate our true begining that started during the same month 6 years ago in 1998. Several of US have grown solid friendships working together to reach our mutual v6 performance goals, wants & needs.

Sign-up Instructions: All who plan on attending MUST sign-in by posting on this thread. Also include what you plan to bring to this event (e.g. food side dish, chips, refreshments or other items to share) from the following list. Everyone bring a little something will make it easy on everyone and there will plenty for everyone attending.

----==== Roll Call and Party Items Checklist ====----

V6P Alias Name.....Real Name...............Bringing

PLEASE bring some of the following items that are NOT highlighted:

Lighter Fluid
Long Roll of Aluminum Foil
Hot Dogs
Gas BBQ Grills
Hot Dog Buns
Hamburger Buns
Condiments (Ketchup, Mustard, Cheese, Salt, Pepper)?
Potato Chips
Large Coolers w/ ICE

Depending on what the team decides on (might need):

Camping gear
Sleeping bags
louge chairs
pinic blankets
volley ball net & ball
Sun Screen
Coleman laterns

Please tell me anything else we need to add, only say you can bring something if you are DEFINITELY coming!! Also bring something from the aforementioned list that is not highlighted!!! This a party for everyone to enjoy and have fun! And everyone is attending is encourage to bring something to share with the rest. :)

Note: Please VIDEO Tape your event for US! Also turn off your signature blocks for this thread!

Thanks for your help, support & participation,
~V6 Performance.Net Team ~

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