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V6p Anniversary NY-NJ-CT ( anniversary and recruitment meet) May 6th at 1pm

Well i was thinking of a meet in may like the last 2 we had at Jones beach. It could be for The anniversary and an a recruitment meet. The Date is may 6th. Anyone Interested.?

I guess we will have a BBQ
Also i would like to shoot a video like the north calers and so calers do
Any help on ideas is greatly appreciated i hope this meet becomes our biggest yet

WHEN May 6th
TIME 1pm
Where Jones beach Feild 6 ( There will be most likely a surcharge for parking for the beach?

Roll Call

1. ComptechV6 Tom Soda Plates TIn foil Ketchup Mustard
2. mastadulog Bryan chicken
3. Spyder Vlad (hot dog, hamburger buns and soda)
4. Sketch o5 andy
5. riceboydrew Drew chips & napkins & plates
6. wildpikachu (maybe)
7. 00AccordTypeR (Hopefully) Brian
8.04accordcoupe(maybe if i can take off of work really want to go)David
9. ryon527 ryan
10. 05AV6 kevin (burgers)
11. Blacknight
12. nycsam786
13. cdubb77
15.HondaGus cups and sprite,pepsi
16.TJP_AccordV6 (knapkins)
17. TlsNavi03
18. Pitt
19. Sonnick (maybe)
19. Dice (maybe)
20. Dj Troy (maybe)
21.Euston (maybe)
22. majah_flavah
23. Mikerocka
24. logonzojls (breast and thighs kfc)
25. BlackDeathV6BG

Keep the list going in a few weeks i will update and ask whos bringing what to the bbq

1 - 20 of 612 Posts
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