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Selling these as a LOT. These are custom door locks and climate control knobs for the 98-02 Accord that will fit both the sedan and coupe. They were sold on the V6p site many years ago. I am not sure what metal these were made from, possibly aluminum, but the black locks and knobs are anodized black and the shiny chrome locks and knobs are a chrome finish of course.

One set of the black door locks are the short version, the other the long version. Short version will sit flush when your door locks are locked. The long ones will not sit flush. Chrome locks are the long version. You simply unscrew the plastic OEM door lock and screw on the V6P door locks.

I have two sets of Black climate control knobs, one is mine and the other was a set purchased from a member on One of those Black knobs is damaged from the guy removing it from his car. He shipped it to me that way without telling me, but I kept it anyway. In order to mount these you will need to pre-set the hex screw, then slide the control knob onto the metal post. You will need to apply some blue thread locker to the hex screw or else it will back out, loosen up and the knob will come loose. Yeah, it is a little tricky mounting these but, hey, it is what it is.

NOTE: The climate control knobs are a direct fit for 98-00 climate control panel. For the 01-02 climate control panel, you will need to shave down some of the plastic in order for the knobs to sit flush.

My long locks have no damage. One of the short locks has one spot, which is pictured here, where the anodized color is chipped off? Chrome locks have no damage. One of the chrome climate control knobs, which is pictured here, appears to have some distortion or possibly some machine marks on the face. I could not pick this up on my phone very good but wanted you to be aware. I could not polish it out with chrome polish either. Maybe some jewelers polish/compound would take it out. I really don't know.

PAYMENT: Paypal friends and family or USPS Money Order
SHIPPING: Postal service

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