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Nothing beats the look of a pair of DIY headlights. Especially if they're done well, and even more so if you don't actually have to DIY.
Announcing Jasonh1234's headlight service for 6th gen Accords.
It's been suggested that I start a headlight service offering the clearing and painting of headlights due to the aesthetically pleasing way I personally paint them. So I'm gonna give it a shot and see if anyone is interested and maybe make myself a few much needed dollars in the process.
Here's the deal...
For a competitive rate I will clear, paint, or both clear and paint your car's headlights. I will also paint them in the scheme and/or color of your choice. The way I paint the headlights they will come out much better looking than any store bought headlight housings and most other people's DIY headlights.
I am offering this service in 2 different methods. Sealing and No sealing.
Sealing being that I am required to open and reseal your headlights myself.
No sealing being that you will open and reseal the headlights yourself.
Here are my rates by the pair in Canadian dollars. For USD prices you can convert them at

* Sealing
-Clearing $60
-Painting $80 +paint
-Clear and painting $85 +paint

* No sealing
-Painting $30 +paint

If you need your headlights removed from your car and replaced after, I will do this for an additional charge of $10
I offer next day service if the lights are delivered to me in the morning.

I will offer a discount to those that do not need next day service and would prefer 2-3 day service for $10 off the price.

I will be doing headlight work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays.
Most speed shops will charge you $60 or more just to clear your lights and likely double that rate for painting as well.
If you are interested in having your headlights done by me, contact me and I will send you photos of the different painting options you can choose from. E-mail me at: [email protected]
This offer is currently only available for 98-02 Honda Accord headlights.

I'm primarily posting this for locals since shipping from and to the states or other provinces would be a pain in the ass for both parties but if you're willing to go through all the shipping, message me and maybe I can help you. The 2-3 day service discount would automatically apply to out of town people.

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Hey Jason, this is Tony. We've talked with e-mails about this and I am interested in doing this. I'll take the works! :D Seal, clear, and paint + shipping from and to Indiana. (BTW could you paint them like your headlights please?)

Could you find how much shipping will be from and to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Area code: 46815.

Oh yea one more thing. I'm not in a rush for this so you can take all the time you need. Just hit me back with a PM or E-mail to [email protected]. Thanks!!!
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