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Fine, I give up, no large scale mfg wants to make a J-pipe, so be it. Lets find a local good exhaust shop, let him play with a J-pipe, take measurements, flange orientations off a new piece, etc, do a test fit and a few dyno runs and have him bang out the 20-30 we need to make everyone happy. What does anyone think about this.

What I would like to do is buy a new J-pipe from, and have a shop R&D a better one from that, then do a test fit(so no one is without their car for too long) and then do a few dyno runs.

My thinking is that if I can get one made from one guy, and he does a good job, he should be able to do 20 if he has a fixture all set up based off the original. Probably made to order would be ok since he has the fixture all set up already.

Just thinking about it...... :angel:

Update: I have found a local mfg and left them a message. Looking to find a J-pipe, hopefully one of the guys that made a custom has one laying around.

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