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Hey guys my car is at about 96k miles now and the struts are blown. I am replacing the suspension and I need to know what odds and ends I should buy.

I bought KYB GR-2 struts off eBay for $175 shipped, and I will be reusing the OEM springs. I do not plan on lowering or adding a performance suspension, so please keep this in mind when referring parts to me.

I remember when I changed my Maxima's suspension, it was recommended I change the mounts and strut bearings so I did. Are there any parts like these that would be worn on a 100k mile Accord, and where would I be able to get them?

Thanks a ton,

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get some new poly bushings ...
the original ones would still be ok ... but they are probably worn out
shock tower bushings maybe worm
rear tower bottom bolts may be seized and need a lot of work to remove
if you break it ( which can be done easy ) you can replace it with a civic rear bolt ( which is easier to find )

BTW : GR-2's are great shocks
I love the smooth feeling they offer
cannot wait to match them with my tein s tech
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