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Sorry ahead of time to mods if this is in wrong place... but it can either be a sale or a wtb depending on what the outcome is. I prefer to trade my exhaust for another, but if someone has the OEM exhaust for sale instead for a fair price, I am willing buy....


I am looking for 02-03 TL-S Catback (everything: OEM Pipe/resonator/premuff/muffs). I am willing to buy the whole setup... or even trade my full custom Magnaflow catback setup + $200 obo. I hope to find someone locally so that we can both setup a date to swap it simultaneously at a bay area exhaust shop.

---Details on custom Magnaflow cat-back---
My setup is a custom pipe(2.25") with Magnaflow Y-Pipe(2.25" to 2 x 2.25"), Dynomax resonator, and OEM premuffler(to quiet it down a bit, see list of stuff on pipe below). Pipe is painted black in the rear for a cleaner look. Nothing wrong with exhaust except because I am tired of noise and want to go back to silent stock exhaust(need to listen to my classical music ). The sound from my setup is a deep growl, similar to the comptech axleback but louder. It is not ricey like cheap bolt-ons, just deep like comptech. If you remove the premuffler I got on the catback.. it'll be almost as loud as the greddy evo's. PM me your emails for pics of the setup. I will try to take pictures sometime this coming Saturday.

---Exhaust SPECS w/ Part numbers---
Part Number: 14215
Magnaflow 2.25 inlet/outlet Machine Polished Muffler (Stainless Steel Polished)

Part Number: 10758
Magnaflow Y-Pipe 2.5" inlet 2.25" outlets (customed inlet of 2.5" changed to 2.25" since my Megan downpipe is 2.25")

Part Number: WLK-24236
Dynomax Race Bullet Resonator 18" (Racing resonator... perforated with no packing)

Part Number: PM-552
Pilot Motorsport 3.5" Slant Cut Chrome Tips (Basically the comptech tips - same size and everything)
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