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yakima q tower roof rack/ wheel adapters

im selling my qtower yakima roof rack
comes with

03-07 accord feet
4 q towers
2 48 inch crossbars
forkmount bike trey

the trey and all four q towers have locks and i have a 1 key for all of them to protect from theft

paid over 450 for the setup looking to get 300 and if shipping will be on top of the 300 text me to get ahold of me faster or for better pics

these adapters are made by adaptec, they are 20mm and 5x114 to 5x120 to run wheels of that lug pattern. comes with the lugs to bolt to hubs and they are hubcentric to the accord... asking 250 plus shipping. if you know adaptec then you know this is a good price....

4846430156 or [email protected]

i dont check this enough to be able to get back to you in a good amount of time.....

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Is this still available? If yes, please post some pics of the rack system on your car?
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