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VERY TEMPTING. A friend of mine works with a guy that works for zex and does installs.....

Seriously contemplating....

75 or 50 shot
Bottle heater
Purge Kit
Eletric bottle opener

All installed for $700. sounds like a nice cheap way to rail some nice 13 sec times...

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loxllxol said:
That's a decent price considering it's installed ... and it's a fully equipped kit.

If it is a new kit, that is an awesome price. But before you start thinking that nitrous is an easy, cheap HP increaser, I would do a little more research. I have done N20 installs on about 6 of my friends cars, and have had it two of mine, and I don't think I would on the Honda.

Keep in mind that you would also need either a TPS activator (~$125), or a switch under the pedal (ghetto.) And to be safe a FPSS, a RPM activated switch/pills, new spark plugs/install (can't use platinum (ask me how I found that out)) Easily another $200 right there. Then factor ~$4.50 lb and $50 a fill with tax...and you can see how not cheap it is.

Plus you would obliterate any remaining warranty you have (N20 is hard to hide traces) and the Dry Zex kit is not the best, (I prefer wet kits for safety.)

And, for fun, a nice video of a N20 NSX blowing up on the dyno...
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